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  • 上海昆邦化工代理的樂配滲LPS維修保養化學品,航天級品質,原裝進口


           歡迎訪問ITW LPS®樂配滲?美國網站:www.lpslabs.com

    A S A LEADER IN THE MRO INDUSTRY for more than five decades, LPS brand products has provided convenience-packaged maintenance chemicals to industrial, aerospace, military and telecommunications facilities world-wide. ITW Pro Brands is an Illinois Tool Works (ITW) company. ITW is a leading global diversified manufacturer, designing and producing a wide array of engineered and specialty products. ITW was founded 100 years ago and is a Fortune 200 Company with revenues over $15 billion.

    LPS brand is manufactured near Atlanta, Georgia at 4647 Hugh Howell Road, Tucker, GA 30084 USA. ITW Pro Brands sells into North America through Authorized ITW Pro Brands Distributors and internationally in over 45 countries worldwide through our Authorized International Distributors.

    Quality Assurance

    ITW Pro Brands dedication to quality improvement is demonstrated by our documented quality procedures, audits and preventive actions. Through excellence in our quality management system, ITW Pro Brands can continue to meet our customers' needs and then exceed their expectations. ITW Pro Brands is dedicated to providing our customers with consistent value added products and services.

    Expectations Delivered

    ITW Pro Brands customers throughout the world use our products to maintain their equipment’s efficiency and productivity. Because these products are such an integral part of their operation, our customers depend on quick delivery with minimal turnaround time. To ensure their immediate fonts accessibility, LPS brand products are stocked in multiple locations worldwide. Such broad availability expedites delivery, so ITW Pro Brands customers will never encounter inconvenient and costly delays due to late shipments.




    地址: 上海市嘉定工業區葉城路1818號3號樓一層

    郵編: 201802

    聯系人: 龍小姐

    電話: 021-58528856

    傳真: 021-58528166

    手機: 13917171467

    郵箱: 1391717146@163.com