About Me

I am Sadaf Noor. I actually was never typical good student at conventional grade based education system at university, but I feel good about myself when I write codes. So I write code almost always when I am not sleeping and dreaming about things that I am fascinated about. Ow, currently I don't have any proper job, and looking for a job quite desperately so please consider checking mind my cv and forwarding it to the appropriate person if you are not one. I am open to almost any kind of technical job offer from any part of the world as long as they are interesting and I am being loved for my work there. I actually work in almost all the stack of web development which makes me a fullstack web developer, and I started working when I was a fresher at my university and I loved every bit of what I was doing so I am working at different stack for at last 4+ years already and still counting. Like any other cool kids out there, I am interested about devops stuff as well. I have worked and I am comfortable working on many platform/software including Python (Django, flask, appengine), Ruby (Rails), Javascript (Nodejs) and open to explore even more.

I don't mind you checking out my cv, stackoverflow Q&As or social nodes sometime (occasionally or frequently), you were going to do that anyway! So here you go:

Recent discoveries

[Quickfix] Material design light from angularjs

You need to have something like this at your app.js: var app = angular.module(‘app’); app.run(function () { var mdlUpgradeDom = false; setInterval(function() { if (mdlUpgradeDom) { componentHandler.upgradeDom(); mdlUpgradeDom = false; } }, 200); var observer[…]